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January 29th
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"Play Ball" is a single by Australian hard rock band AC/DC, and the debut single from their 2014 album Rock or Bust. It was first used on 27 September 2014 in a trailer for Major League Baseball on TBS postseason coverage, and the single was released on 7 October.

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Pick me up
Fill my cup
Pour me another round
Come on in, mix in the sin
Come in and join the crowd
I said it’s party time
When I’m on the loose
Make it feel alright
Listen, drinks all around
I’m in the mood
Because the night is mine

Let’s play ball
Shoot it down the wall
Let’s play ball, baby
Battin’ down the stalls
Play, play, play ball

Listen Sid, light me up
I’m in love
I’m all regional now
Dive on in and swim in the gin
Come on, shout it out loud

Let’s play ball
Shoot it down the wall, yeah
Let’s play ball
Battin’ down the stalls, yeah
Play, play, play ball

Let’s play ball
Shootin' down the wall
Let’s play ball
And never stall
Let’s play ball
Let’s play ball
Let’s play ball
Play, play, play ball

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