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March 23rd
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"My Friends" is a song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and the fourth track on their 1995 album One Hot Minute. It is a melodic ballad and was released as the second single from the album. It is the only song from One Hot Minute to be included on their Greatest Hits compilation, though the music video for "Aeroplane", appears on the DVD. It became the band's third #1 single on the Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart where it remained for 4 consecutive weeks, and their first #1 single on the Billboard Album Rock Tracks chart. The song has not been performed live since 1996.

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My friends are so depressed
I feel the question of your loneliness
Confide 'cause I'll be on your side
You know I will, you know I will

Ex-girlfriend called me up
Alone and desperate on the prison phone
They want to give her 7 years
For being sad

I love all of you
Hurt by the cold
So hard and lonely, too
When you don't know yourself

My friends are so distressed
And standing on the brink of emptiness
No words I know of to express
This emptiness


Imagine me
Taught by tragedy
Is peace

I heard a little girl
And what she said was something beautiful
"To give your love no matter what."
Is what she said.


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