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April 9th
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"Alcohaulin' Ass" is the second single from the heavy metal band Hellyeah on the album of the same name. The name is a combination of the word alcohol and the phrase "haulin' ass". As the song opens, Gray sings in a country-type croon, and acoustic guitars are heard in the background with typical Western-sounding effects. The song picks up into a grooving heavy-metal format, where it continues for the rest of the track. The bonus edition of HELLYEAH includes a solely acoustic version of "Alcohaulin' Ass".

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A little bit of sunshine
A little bit of booze
A little bit of me
And a little bit of you
A little bit country
A little bit of blues
A slice of heaven
And a little piece of you...come on

Alcohaulin' ass
Pour another drink in my glass
Alcohaulin' ass
Alcohaul...in' ass

A little bit thirsty
A little bit used
A little bit of whiskey
And a little pinch of chew
A little bit tired
And a bad attitude
A little bit of drinkin
And another piece of you

Alcohaulin' ass
Pour another drink in my glass
Alcohaulin' ass

You drove me to it
So there was nothing i could do
You pushed me down
Split me right in two
Now i found the long hard road
Carried the weight of you
Boy oh boy god damn
Only one thing left to do

Alcohaulin' ass
Pour another drink in my glass
Alcohaulin' ass
Pour another drink in my glass
Alcohaul...in' ass

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