Stone Temple Pilots

Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart - Get it on Itunes

August 6th
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"Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart" is a song by American rock band Stone Temple Pilots, featured on their third album, Tiny Music... Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop. An alternative rock tune, it was recorded in 1995 and released as a single the following year. The track is also on the greatest hits album, Thank You.

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Don't cut out my paper heart, I ain't dyin' anyway
Take a look at eye full towers
Never trust them dirty liars
Sippin' lemon yellow booze 'ole' leadbelly sings the blues
All dressed up on wedding day keep on trippin' anyway

I am I am I said I'm not myself, but I'm not dead and I'm not for sale
So keep your bankroll lottery eat your salad day deathbed motorcade

Fake the heat and scratch the itch
Skinned up knees and salty lips
I'll breathe your life vicks vapor life
And when you binge I purge alike
Let go it's harder holding on
One more trip and I'll be gone
So keep your head up
Keep it on, just a whisper I'll be gone
Take a breath and make it big
It's the last you'll ever get
Break your neck with diamond noose
It's the last you'll ever choose

I am I am I said I'm not myself, but I'm not dead and I'm not for sale
Hold me closer, closer let me go let me be just let me be

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