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December 13th
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Menace to Sobriety is the second album by Ugly Kid Joe. It was released in 1995. The album title is an allusion to the movie Menace II Society. It received favourable reviews & reached number 2 on the UK's rock album charts, in the first week of its release. "Milkman's Son" and "Tomorrow's World" were released as singles. Music videos were released for "Tomorrow's World", "Milkman's Son", and "Cloudy Skies".

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[Verse 1]
Let the burning bridges tumble down
Let the water come and flood ground
Burn a hole into this auburn sky
I only wanna be walking by your side

When I see tomorrow I see you there
When I look around I'll see you everywhere
Your face is etched into my mind
When it's all said and done
Well I'm feeling like the milkman's son

[Verse 2]
Let your dark spirits fly away
Come again but you won't come today
Spend the last of my worthless life
I only wanna be walking by your side

[Chorus (X2)]

[Ending Bit]
I'm feeling like the milkman's son
Said I'm feeling like the milkman

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