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January 3rd
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What Ya Gonna Do is a song released as the second single from the Rock band Hinder from their 2010 third album All American Nightmare. It was released on May 17, 2011 on Universal Republic Records The song was written entirely by the band's then current lead singer Austin Winkler. The Song debuted on the Active Rock Charts at #19, it eventually peaked at #18 on the chart.

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I'm livin' life with no regrets
They're on their way, but ain't here yet
I just left Las Vegas in bad, bad shape
I only call home if I get the chance
Every other night, a new romance
Wake up just in time to miss the day

And now I'm talkin' to the man in the mirror
And I think I heard him say

What you gonna do when the whiskey ain't workin' no more
Life don't feel like before
What you gonna do
What you gonna do when the ride ain't climbin' no more
Nobody's beatin' down your door
What you gonna do

And I'm still closing down these streets
I'm high enough to make-believe
That I ain't ever gonna hit the ground
The one that got away from me
Every now and then she calls to see
If I'm alive, or plan to settle down

Well I called her drunk last night
And I think I heard her say


Well I can't sleep
And I can't hide
Because the voices in my head are gettin' louder
Gettin' louder every night

I'm livin' life with no regrets
They're on their way, but ain't here yet


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