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January 25th
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"All Day I Dream About Sex" is a song written and recorded by American rock band Korn for their second studio album, Life Is Peachy. It was released as the album's second single in March 1997. The title is an acronym for the statement “All Day I Dream About Sex” and does not refer directly to the popular sportswear brand, Adidas, although Korn was known for frequently wearing the sport brand back in their early years. The whimsical backronym from the brand name dates to the 1970s.

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Honestly, somehow it always seems that I'm dreaming of
something I can never be
It doesn't bother me, 'cause I will always be that pimp I see
in all of my fantasies

I don't know your f***ing name.
So what? Let's. . .

Screwin' may be the only way that I can truly be free
from my f***ed up reality
so I dream and stroke it harder, 'cause its so fun to see my
face staring back at me

I don't know your f***ing name.
So what? Let's f***.

All Day I Dream About Sex
All Day I Dream About f***in'

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