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January 31st
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"She Loves Me Not" is the first single from the rock band Papa Roach's third album, Lovehatetragedy, and fourth released single in total. Originally written as part of 5 track promo/demo CD funded by Warner Bros. Records in 1999, "She Loves Me Not" was re-recorded and improved for its new release in 2002. It was left off their first album, Infest (2000), because the band thought the song was too rock-oriented. The song appeared in the popular soundtrack for the game NHL 2003. The song is one of the few songs from Lovehatetragedy where it shows Jacoby Shaddix rapping. But unlike many songs from Infest and their next single Time And Time Again, the song begins just with Jacoby Shaddix singing and then goes to the chorus, Jacoby raps in the bridge of the song. The song is basically about Jacoby Shaddix wife Kelly Shaddix which both of them argue a lot and sometimes Jacoby Shaddix thinks that his wife likes him a lot and then don't like him a lot referring to the name She Loves Me Not.

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when i see her eyes
look into my eyes
then i realize that
she could see inside my head
so i close my eyes
thinking that i could hide
disassociate so i don't have to lose my head
this situation leads to agitation
will she cut me off?
will this be amputation?

i don't know if i care
i'm the jerk
life's not fair

fighting all the time
this is out of line
she loves me not
do you realize I won't compromise
she loves me not

over the past five years
i have shed my tears
i have drank my beers and watched my fears fly away
until this day
she still swings my way
but it's sad to say sometimes
she says she loves me not
i hesitate
to tell her i hate
this relationship
i want out today
this is over

line for line
rhyme for rhyme
sometimes we be fightin' all the goddamn time -it's making me sick
relationship is getting ill
piss drunk stupid
on the real
could you feel what I feel
what's the deal girl
we're tearing up each other's world
we should be in harmony
boy and girl
that is the promise we made
back in the day
we told each other things wouldn't be this way
i think we should work this out
it's all right baby we can scream and shout

life's not fair

i'm the jerk

she loves me not

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