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February 10th
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Poetry for the Poisoned is the ninth studio album from metal band Kamelot. It was released on the earMUSIC label, a subdivision of Edel, on September 10, 2010 in Europe, and four days later in North America by the band's own label, KMG Recordings.

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Swell life
Soak in another day
All that I need
Is a reason to go
You and I
Could fly away
We'd go up
And never come back down
From Heaven you know

Wake me
In my wounds
Lay down your enemy
On the altar of refined deception
Hate me
I'm all over you
Reset the harmony
Like a fire in the night

Pushing closer
East side silence
One last warning
West side
Let all be friends
Every nation
Thank you
For putting down your arms

This was the war
To end all wars
This was the war to save democracy

Wake me
Like nails in my spine
Let's play the tragedy
In the fire of
A last temptation
Hate me for wasting my time
On commonalities
In the name of self-respect

Don't wait too long
Don't harvest too late
May I wish you won't
Believe in your fate

Wake me
In my wounds
Lay down your enemy
In the fire of a last temptation 
Hate me for wasting my time
On commonalities
In this city of the dead

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